Friday, 1 November 2013

Wow New product Alert! - Envelope punch board

Hi everyone, 
well after having this new product for a few weeks now prior from it being released to the public I predict it will fly of the shelves! It's fantastic and so easy and incredibly versatile. 

So it's finally arrived and available to all you lovely crafters out there

It's not just for envelopes in 66 different sizes!  You can make envelope liners, crackers gift boxes ( large and small) gift boxes of many sizes and envelope boxes, card holder boxes and much more. 
It has to be my go to product of the moment. 

I have spent most of yesterday writing tutorials on making boxes ,crackers and envelope boxes   For one of my customers so spent time making all these things and photographing them at every step! It was a challenge and I'm not finished yet but I'd it helps my customer get the bet from the board, then I'm happy to do it. 

I will eventually put them up on the blog in PDF format for download. 

When I was doing research and looking for inspiration on using this board I have to say you tube was fantastic and so many great tutorials.  Just type envelope punch board into the search and you'll get loads to choose from. 

Here are the link to my favourite ones 

Envelope punch board - item number  133744  £17.95

Why go with boring, white, normal-sized envelopes when you can use colorful paper to create everything from itty bitty to long and skinny? Our creativity-boosting Envelope Punch Board makes it easy to customize envelopes in up to 66 different sizes!

Envelope Punch Board includes:
* An easy-to-use chart to create up to 66 different envelope sizes (including standard sizes). The measurements are provided both in inches and centimeters.
* A scoring tool in a convenient storage slot.
* Two punches designed right into the tool itself: one to make the envelope and one to round its corners.